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Medical Weight Loss

Ready to take control of your weight? All Good Wellness offers a comprehensive medical weight loss program, including medication such as GLP-1 (Semaglutide, Liraglutide, Tirzepatide), to help you reach your goals. We offer FREE wellness services to members. Get started today and start feeling your best.

Medical Weight Loss
that works

at All Good Wellness, our goal is to help you achieve the healthiest version of yourself. Our medical weight loss program gives you access to health coaching, consultations with board-certified clinicians, and prescription weight management medication. Let's get you started on your individualized medical weight loss program.

Let's start your Weight loss journey together

in 3-Easy Steps

- Only $349/month*

Real results



No Gimmicks

No Fad Diets

Personalized approach

Safe & Effective

Real Medications

GLP-1 Medications

Savings card accepted

No Insurance needed

No Hidden-Fees

*$349/month for the first 3 months then $449/month thereafter

(Tirzepatide costs $499/month)

Drug and Syringe
Medical Form

How it works




Fill out our
Medical Forms

an appointment

Get your

Complete a simple online medical form so we can have a better picture of your overall health and prior weight loss history

Set-up a consultation and receive a more personalized weight loss plan including prescription medication, if appropriate (such as GLP-1 medications), from our board-certified clinicians.

Receive your medication in the mail OR you can come to our clinic to have it administered by one of our registered nurses.

Every weight loss journey is unique

We understand that your journey to weight loss is unique. Our weight care plan for you considers you as a person holistically and your lifestyle for transformative lasting results.

Our clinicians prescribe medications that are used to:

Suppress appetite

Support Healthy blood sugar levels

Decrease cravings

White Pills

"A new obesity drug could help millions of Americans"


"A new treatment

for obesity"


Safe & Effective weight loss medications

Medications we commonly prescribe for weight loss









What's included in the pricing?


*$349/month for the first 3 months then $449/month thereafter

(Tirzepatide costs $499/month)

The cost of your appointments and medication

No hidden-fees

No insurance necessary

No gimmicks - Real results



Exclusive members-only benefits:

  • Four (15-min) sessions every month toward any combination: Dry Float Therapy, Hydromassage, & Vibroacoustic therapy.

  • Members can add additional sessions for only $19 each.

  • 10% off any IV Vitamin therapy drips

  • Sessions are non-transferrable

  • Unused sessions do not rollover

IV Vitamin therapy

Reduce stress, combat anxiety, boost your mood, and improve sleep quality with our IV Hydration and Vitamin infusion services. 


Dry Zerobody
Float Therapy

Enjoy the benefits of zero gravity float therapy while staying dry. Experience sensory deprivation, deep body & mind relaxation by floating on a luxurious bed of warm water while listening to ambient music or guided meditation.

Zerobody float 1.jpeg
Vibroacoustic bed 1.jpeg


Supercharge your mood and reduce stress through the incredible healing power of sound and vibration therapy.

Lounge bed

Achieve deep relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety while relieving muscle aches, pain, tension, and stiffness through a touch-free Hydromassage bed.

Hydromassage 1.jpeg
Fitness Portrait

Let's get you started
on your weight loss
journey today

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